Training Intervention Program for Servers

TIPS is a nationally recognized responsible
alcohol awareness workshop.
The 4 hour program is designed to prepare
those that handle individuals under
the influence of alcohol, how to do so
in a responsible, legal and diplomatic way.
TIPS Certification is currently required
for bartending employment by many restaurants
and bars throughout the Delaware Valley.

A bartender's lack of knowledge of state law can lead to criminal charges and civil liability cases if an intoxicated guest departs an establishment and incurs damages. Fact is, in the last 17 years, not one server nationally that has been TIPS Certified has been successfully prosecuted for negligence in a court of law. The AAA International Bartending School has offered this program since 1991 and to date has certified well over 5,000 local bartenders. It is our goal to see that every grad from our school is prepared with every advantage possible to make them the most desirable candidates for bartending employment. TIPS Certified bartenders are always hired first.